November 13, 2018

Build Your Upper Pecs

how to grow your upper pecs

When you are working on building the chest muscles, you probably are doing some bench press and some butterflies and calling it a day, right? While those are great as total pectoral exercises, they really lack the isolation you need to build some of the supporting muscles that really make your chest pop.

One of the most neglected areas of the chest when lifting weights is the upper pecs. Follow the exercises below in your workout and you’ll really engage these muscles to bring a more rounded form to your pecs that will bulge out of your t-shirt.

Tips to Grow Upper Pec Muscles

Follow these tips below and you’ll get the massive chest of your dreams!

Start Your Workout With Upper Pecs

This first tip doesn’t have anything to do with the kinds of exercises you do. Rather, it has to do with the order in which you perform them. You should start your routine by isolating your upper pectorals first before you go into a total pec exercise. This is because if you do other exercises first, then your upper pecs and shoulders will be too fatigued to get much of an isolation workout later. This way, you’ll be able to lift more weight and do more reps when isolating the upper pecs with targeted movements.

Vary the Incline

Whenever you see somebody using a weight bench to do a press, they are either lying flat on their back or they have it at a 90-degree angle. There is nothing set in stone that these are the only two positions you should do chest presses from. In fact, you should do both of those angles, and everything in between, and everything outside of them to make sure you are hitting your pecs from all angles.

The next time you use a Smith machine or dumbbells to do some presses, vary it up with a low incline, moderate incline, and steep incline to really work all the muscles in the chest group.

upper pec workout

Add More Exercises

An incline bar press or dumbbell press is probably the most common way to work the upper chest. If you really want these muscles to grow, you need to add more exercises to your routine. In addition to doing an incline press, try using the tip above and repeating the presses from all sorts of incline angles. Each different angle will alter the way your muscles have to work to perform the movement. The way to build muscle when you hit a plateau is to vary your workout and shock your body. Change up your exercise routine and make your muscles adjust to this new stress.

Other Tips for Adding Muscle

If it’s not just your upper pecs that are stubborn and you want to add mass all over, I highly recommend checking out the Shortcut to Size workout routine. It is an amazing resource of diet and exercise that is designed for adding mass.

In addition, supplementation is important, which is why you should consider adding a testosterone supplement like TestoGen into your diet. Also, take a look at the supplements at Crazy Bulk to really give your muscles the fuel they need.

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