November 13, 2018

Build Bigger Shoulder Muscles With These Exercises

building bigger shoulder muscles

If you’ve been trying to get bigger shoulder muscles and seem to have hit a plateau, this post is for you! A lot of people get into this rut by trying to do too much with their muscles. This just leaves them exhausted and frustrated and not getting any gains. If you really want to build a broad set of shoulders, you need to be hitting them from all angles to balance out all the muscle groups and build them as a whole.

Add These Moves for Bigger Shoulders

If you want those big broad shoulders, then you add to start incorporating these movements into your workouts.

Barbell Shrugs

These work great to really blast your shoulders. Take some weight off of the barbell and hold it with both hands in front of you. Just like the name implies, shrug your shoulders. To get the most out of this, hold it in the top position for a few seconds with each rep. Try to do four sets of twenty repetitions each. Make sure this is a part of your weekly routine at the minimum.

Rear Delt Raise

For this exercise, explained in the video below, you can go with lesser weight than you think you need. This is so that it isn’t too heavy as to not be able to keep your elbows at a minimal bend. As with any exercise, it is important to choose a weight that will enable you to use proper form. This avoids injury. Along with blasting your shoulders with this movement, you also get a great back workout.

Side Delt Raise

This is similar to the exercise above, but differs by moving the weights along a different plane. Check the video below on how to perform this movement properly. As cautioned before, choose a weight that is light enough so you can use proper form. This will also stimulate your lats in addition to your shoulders.

Front Delt Raise

Are you catching a theme here? Delt raises, in all of their forms, are a great way to really engage your shoulders and attack them from all angles. It’s building all of these supporting muscles, by working at them from different angles, that will help to build this whole muscle group and add size to your frame. Check the video below on how to properly perform this movement.

Military Press

The key with this exercise (illustrated in the video embedded below) is to do the lifting with your shoulders, and not your legs. Again, this is a list of exercises for building bigger shoulders, so don’t cheat and use your legs on this one. When you get to the top position, hold the weight above your head and slightly behind.

Other Tips to Build Muscle

The above tips are all for shoulders. If you have other muscle groups that have been stubborn to grow, you may like the following resources I put together:

If you want a complete workout routine that is specifically made for adding size, you’ll definitely want to check out this program from Jim Stoppani:

Another way to add size is through supplementation. This will help your muscles recover after all the stress you put them through with these exercises. A couple supplements I recommend can be found here:

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