November 15, 2018

Build a Bigger Back

exercises to strengthen your back

If you want that V-shape, that tapered look that is like an upside down Christmas tree, you need to be building up your back muscles. This is a muscle group that is often overlooked by gym-goers. The sexy muscles are the biceps, triceps, chest, and abs, but a broad back can really complete the package. Don’t neglect this area.

On top of looking great, a strong back is so important for your health. It helps with posture and pretty much any kind of activity you engage in. You need to keep your back muscles strong to support your body. Continue reading below for some of the best ways to go about training this area.

How to Strengthen Your Back

If you want to build a solid back, you need to be adding these movements into your lifting routine on a weekly basis. As mentioned above, it’s not only good for aesthetics, but it is also crucial for your overall posture and fitness.


This is one of the most important lifts to have in your routine. It is one of the best ways to build a massive back, and is all around one of the most crucial movements for overall fitness. It strengthens so many different muscle groups as it is a compound exercise, meaning it requires the use of multiple joints and muscles to perform. Start off with a weight that you can handle – the risk of injury is high for this one if you push yourself too hard. The video below describes how to perform this exercise properly.

Dumbbell Row

This is one movement that is really great at isolating your back muscles, as opposed to the deadlift which recruits many muscles to perform. As an added bonus, you also get a great bicep workout with this one. That’s why they always say to match up your biceps workout with your back workout, as well as your triceps with your chest (“backs and bi’s, chest and tri’s”). All you need for this one is a bench and a dumbbell. Repeat with both arms to work both sides of the back.

Lat Pulldowns

Another great way to make the sides of your back flare out, this one will really engage the lateral muscles and can get a little burn in your obliques as well. To vary it up and throw something new at your muscles, some days pull the bar in front of your chin, on others pull it behind your head. Focus on using your back / lateral muscles to pull the bar down, as opposed to using your biceps.

Other Methods for a Bigger Back

Performing the right exercises is only half the battle. Your body also needs proper nutrition to give the muscles the nutrients they need to repair and grow back bigger and stronger. I recommend checking out the following two supplement companies that have worked wonders for gaining mass for me:


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