October 19, 2018

Botox Gone Wrong

I preach this over and over on this site (hlcomic.com) – going natural is the way to live. When it comes to diet, I prefer natural foods, organic whenever possible. For supplements, I go for the purest products that are 100% natural. It’s something I endeavor in practically every aspect of my life.

When it comes to anti-aging, the natural route is the way to go. You will never catch me going to a plastic surgeon, or ever dating someone who would choose those methods, to turn back the hands of time. I believe that if you live well and take care of yourself, you’ll keep yourself young.

Going under the knife is not only expensive and painful, but it can also be downright risky. Just take a look at the horror stories below!

When Botox Goes Wrong!

Granted, Botox isn’t “going under the knife”, rather it is a filler that is inserted via injection. In any case, it’s a cosmetic procedure that I group in with all other kinds of cosmetic surgery. If it isn’t something that you are consuming or applying topically to your skin, it isn’t a natural procedure in my book.

What Can Go Wrong

There are a number of ways that botox can take a turn for the worse. Whether it be an error on the part of the professional or just an incompatibility with your physiology, here are the different ways that a botox procedure can do more harm than good.

  • Errors in dilution, calculation of the Botox
  • An error in the quantity injected, whether it be too much or too little
  • The Botox itself is expired, old, or flawed in some way
  • Complications resulting from the patient’s anatomy
  • Resistance to Botox by the patient’s physiology or body chemistry
  • Other complications as a result of fillers
  • Injection errors due to unskilled professional performing the procedure
  • Errors in injection due to hitting a nerve or other sensitive location

As you can see, a lot of these have to do with the credentials of the person who is performing the injections. If you go with this kind of procedure (I’ve made my stance clear on how I feel about this), you need a skilled professional. They need to know the proper way to perform the procedure, the right amount to be injected, the precise placement of the injections, etc. You’re risking a lot by having someone not qualified to perform this kind of injection. If you don’t choose wisely, well the results are not good…

After Photos of Bad Botox Treatments

As warned above, you don’t want to put trust in the wrong hands with something like this. Take a look at all the horror stories below and tell me you want to risk coming out like this?

Yikes! What is that?!

results of bad botox

This individual had an adverse reaction to the fillers. Ew!

adverse reaction to botox

Looks like this one got stung by a bee!

side effects of botox

Alternatives to Botox

Do you want to risk coming out of this procedure looking like the photos above? Of course not! That’s why I preach living well and taking care of yourself. A healthy diet, regular exercise, a good supplement regimen will keep you healthy and looking young. When all else fails and you want a little touch-up, you can use a wrinkle cream to fine-tune things. Skip the costly, risky injections and take better care of your body instead!

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Claire Owens occasionally pulls herself away from pilates class long enough to contribute her opinions on health products and topics. When not working out, she enjoys pampering her Yorkie with lavish treats and days at the spa.

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