November 13, 2018

Bodybuilding Hacks to Get Bigger

bodybuilding hacks to get bigger

If you’re in the gym to pack on some pounds, but you’re not gaining any size, then it’s time to reevaluate what you’re doing. I’m here to provide a few tips on some simple things that you can change up that could make the difference and help you break through that plateau.

Best of all, most of these changes I list below don’t involve adding more weight to your exercises! Pushing yourself past your limit of what you can safely lift is just asking for injury. With these tips below, you can add some size to your body without risking your safety.

How To Get Bigger

All of the below tips are easy to implement and could be the difference from staying where you’re at, or finally adding that muscle that you’ve been seeking.

Shorten Your Rest Period

Of course, you need to have a rest period between your sets. Ideally, you are pushing yourself to exhaustion on every set, so getting some rest is absolutely mandatory.

However, don’t sit around scrolling through your Instagram feed for too long, as you need to keep up the muscle tension and stress.

what's the ideal rest period between sets?

The key here is to keep your body moving and not taking too much downtime. You want every set to be difficult. If you sit too long, you’re losing the momentum in your exercises. I’m not saying cut down your rest period to 30 seconds or less – you will be too gassed to lift anything – but don’t sit there for 2 or 3 minutes either. Around 45 seconds to a minute is about right, though it all depends on the amount of weight you’re lifting.

Change Up Your Hand Grip and Stance

For your muscles to grow, they need to be shocked. The philosophy is that our bodies can become accustomed to doing the same exercises over and over.

That’s how we plateau. What you want to do is add some variation to your workouts so you are hitting different areas, working different muscles, and giving your system a little bit of shock.

change up your grip to vary your workout and get bigger

This can come in the form of changing up your hand grip – instead of going overhand on pull-ups, go underhand every once in a while. Same with how you grip when doing a back row or doing lat pull-downs. The same can be said for your stance. When doing squats, sometimes go with a narrower stance, sometimes with a wider stance. This can also be applied to deadlifts or any exercise that involves standing.

Vary Your Tempo

This is pretty much the same philosophy as the earlier tip, and the idea is to add some variation to shock your muscles.

On some days, really bang out the reps at a quick pace (but not too quick as to sacrifice proper form).

On other days, have your normal pace. 

vary the tempo in your workouts to break through plateaus

And finally, on other days, take a slow and deliberate pace to really feel the burn through the exercise. This changing of tempo can keep your muscles guessing and force them to grow to adjust to the new stress.

More Ways to Get Bigger

Sometimes it’s not just how we do exercises, but also what exercises we do. To find an exercise program that is specifically catered to getting bigger muscles, I highly recommend checking out Shortcut to Size, which I review here:

Additionally, supplementation is just as important as following a proper diet and exercise routine. To grow larger, you need more testosterone pumping through your veins. In that area, TestoGen is by far my favorite testosterone booster. You can read my review here:

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