Body Fat Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

body fat linked to breast cancer

I came across an article today that really opened up my eyes to even more reason to be watching your figure. As a woman, it is something that I am always conscious of anyway, but now with this article I read on today I have even more motivation to keep my healthy physique.

Excess Body Fat and Breast Cancer

According to the article, women who were measured to have an excess of body fat, even if their height and weight fall into what would be deemed a normal range in the Body Mass Index, are at higher risk of developing breast cancer. Having a history of breast cancer in my family, this concerns me greatly. It’s just one more reason to always be health-conscious, as there are so many things that can go wrong when you are not lean. Besides obesity, which heightens the risk of diabetes and other issues, now I have to worry about an increased chance of breast cancer on top of everything else.

The study found that those who have an excess of body fat showed a doubling in the risk of estrogen-dependent cancers, also called ER-positive breast cancer. This type of cancer develops when receptor proteins latch onto estrogen hormones and use it to grow and spread.

One caveat to this study is that it was conducted on post-menopausal women, so it is not conclusive if this means that it applies to women of all ages of adulthood. It researched over 3,000 American women who were in the age range of 50-79. They had their body composition measured at the beginning of the study.

From these women, 146 had ER-positive breast cancer, and the test conductors looked for data that they could gather from this group relative to those who did not have breast cancer.

It was found that a gain of 11 pounds of body fat, across the whole body, would result in a 35% greater likelihood to develop breast cancer. Even further, an 11 pound gain of fat in the trunk area (torso) indicated a 56% greater risk of this type of cancer.

the link between body fat and breast cancer risk

What to Do With This Data

The conclusion is very apparent here. If you want to lower your risk of breast cancer as a woman, you need to keep your body fat down. Follow a proper diet and exercise routine to keep your body lean and muscular, as opposed to fatty.

One great way to lower fat levels in your body is by adopting a ketogenic diet. In this diet, your body is forced into burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. There is a lot of literature you can find to begin adopting this eating regimen, and there are a number of resources on this site regarding this topic. Take a look at the below for ways to transition your body into ketosis to burn more fat.

Aside from following a keto diet, you can also take keto supplements that help you attain ketosis faster. A couple have been reviewed on this site, which you can find below.

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