November 26, 2018

Blac Chyna’s Lightening Cream

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is going the route of Sammy Sosa and before him – Michael Jackson – and what I mean by that is she is doing her best to be white.  She’s getting a lot of commentary online about her promotion of the product, as well as her attempt at becoming several shades whiter.  Today I’m going to talk about just what the heck is going on here!

Does Blac Chyna Bleach Her Skin?

The story first ran (well, at least I first saw it) at BET.

Of course, I did some further digging around and found this picture of her promoting this product that of all places was in Lagos, Nigeria.

I’m not a marketing expert, but wouldn’t it seem like a planning fail to launch a product in Nigeria of all places?  Most people pick New York, Miami, Los Angeles, heck, even Atlanta.  But Nigeria?  Seriously?

I’m going to keep you all updated on this topic as well as address the rumors of is Blac Chyna trying to be white when I get more information.

For now, I’m going to link you to a product I’ve used to properly lighten my sensitive areas, and it’s right here on

Let’s have a quick show of hands – who out there would like to be a shade whiter?

I’m personally pretty pasty, and other than my private areas, I’m good with my color. If I got any whiter, I’d be a ghost!


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