What is the Best Weight Loss Diet?

what diet is the best to lose weight?

With so many different diets inundating us, how do you know which one works the best? You don’t nearly have enough time to try them all out. Who wants to hop around from diet to diet? It can be a heck of a stressful situation, figuring out what to eat that day. Not to mention the grocery bills that come with all the changes in your food.

Having taken a look at the diets that are popular these days, trying them out for myself, and seeing what other users are saying, I set out to provide the answer for you as best I can.

What is the Best Diet for Weight Loss?

#1: Paleo Diet

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This diet harkens back to the days of the Paleolithic Era, trying to mimic the diet that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. You won’t find any processed foods in this meal plan. It’s all whole foods, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Stay clear of foods that are processed, factory-made, dairy foods, sugars, and grains.

#2: Fast Metabolism Diet

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This diet operates on the philosophy that you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. It preaches making healthy choices in the kitchen, as well as in your lifestyle by getting more exercise.

I think that’s something we can all agree with – they are good tenets to follow. Beyond just providing weight loss benefits, I like that it is a lifestyle change. You can still eat great tasting foods, and if you continue to follow its principles, you can remain healthy for life.

#3: Vegan Diet

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This diet does with all things animal-based. Not only do you not consume any animal meat, but you also do not consume anything that is derived from animals (eggs and milk, for example). I go through the many reasons why people adopt this lifestyle in my review linked above.

Due to the low consumption of fat, in addition to the high fiber content of the foods you eat, this diet can be very beneficial for weight loss.

#4: 17 Day Diet

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Like the Fast Metabolism Diet, this meal plan preaches making healthy choices. You aren’t starving yourself on a restricted caloric intake. It is split up into three phases that help you lose unwanted weight and then maintain indefinitely thereafter if you adopt the principles.

#5: Dukan Diet

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This diet’s principles are following an eating regimen that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It is comprised of four phases, two of which promote weight loss, and two of which help you maintain your ideal weight.

#6: Atkins Diet

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This is the most popular of all the diets that advocate low carbohydrate intake. It is similar to the Dukan Diet, in that regard, as it also promotes eating more protein. With a lower carbohydrate intake, your appetite is suppressed, leading to fewer calories consumed and less likelihood of overeating.

Other Diets

Those are my top choices in rank order, however, there are many more that did not make the list. You can get the details on the remainder at the links provided below: