October 22, 2018

Best Vegetables to Eat for Bodybuilding

vegetables to eat for muscle building

I wrote earlier about the best vegetables for weight loss, but what if you’re on the other side of the spectrum? Most people just think that vegetables are good if you’re on a weight loss diet, but some vegetables have many health properties that are ideal for those that are looking to pack on muscle.

Of course, they aren’t protein-rich like a lean cut of beef, but they have other benefits that can help to keep your body working at its best to support muscle growth.

What Vegetables are Best for Bodybuilding?

What Vegetables are Best for Bodybuilding?

Just because they aren’t a great protein source, that doesn’t mean that there’s no use for vegetables for someone who wants to gain weight. Veggies are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that make them great for everyone, bodybuilders and elite athletes included. To get the most out of these nutrients, it is best to consume them in plant form, so get some of these veggies in your diet!


When I talked about vegetables for losing weight, I said to stay away from the starchy ones. So it makes sense that if you want to gain weight, load up on those starches! Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and are also highly caloric relative to their volume. The carbs will give you extra fuel for your workouts, and the calories help you add on some extra weight.


Just like leafy greens are good for weight loss, they’re also supportive of gain weight. Kale has become all the rage over the last decade or so, and for a number of good reasons. Kale has so many vitamins and minerals, most notably fiber. They are rich in copper, which is otherwise tough to get in your regular diet. It also has Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as the minerals iron, manganese, and tons of phytonutrients.

When choosing a leafy green, try to go for darker in color. This darker color has a higher level of folate, a nutrient that helps to increase blood flow and vascular function. That makes it great for your workouts, as well as increasing circulation to your muscles to help them repair and grow bigger after activity.


Yeah, I know you probably never consume yams, except probably on Thanksgiving. Well, maybe you should start acting like it’s Thanksgiving more often! Yams are a great source of fiber, manganese, and Vitamins B6 and C. They are also a very good source of potassium, which can help with muscle cramps after a workout.

Want to know how elite of vegetable yams are? After Usain Bolt won the Olympic Gold Medal for the 100m dash at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, a reporter caught up to his father post-race and asked his son’s secret. His answer? The Trelawny yams his son had been consuming!


Many elite athletes absolutely swear by drinking beet juice. Seriously! They are so effective as a supplement that many pre-workout drinks have this as an ingredient. Beets are a tremendous source of nitrates, which supports blood flow in the body, which helps transport nutrients to areas of need for muscle growth.

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