Best Testosterone Boosters

If you’re feeling like old age is creeping up on you faster than it should – and you’re only in your 30s or 40s – then low testosterone (or “T”) might be the culprit.

Your body produces T in copious amounts when you’re in your late teens and twenties. It’s your male body’s rocket fuel, in a way. Most men in their twenties are energetic, highly sexual, strong, and muscular thanks in large part to T. But in once men hit their thirties, the production of T starts to slow down.

You might not notice it at first – possibly not until you’ve hit your forties. Maybe you feel just a little more tired and stiff after a hard workout. Your sex drive may be down a bit. Maybe your erections don’t last like they used to. Maybe you’re happy to chill on the couch all weekend instead of shredding it with the guys on the local mountain bike trails. Maybe you notice that you’re starting to put on weight.

Low T doesn’t just impact your physical well being. You may experience depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, mental fogginess, and an overall lethargy.

Does that mean you’re old? Well you’re getting older, yes, but you’re not “old.” There’s a natural and normal decline of testosterone production as you age, but you can slow the march of time to some extent with good T boosters that will give you more energy and help you build lean muscle mass, which will burn more fat.

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

T boosters are not anabolic steroids that some people use to unnaturally improve their performance and appearance. That’s dangerous, not to mention lame.

T boosters help stimulate your body to naturally produce more T instead of adding it artificially (like anabolic steroids, which are artificial testosterone). T boosters are safe when taken as directed.

T boosters are multivitamins formulated with herbs that give you a temporary T boost in the short term, and in the long run, stimulate more T production.

Who Should Take a T Booster?

Men over 30 can start to think about taking testosterone boosters, only if they experience low-T symptoms like low libido, erectile dysfunction, low energy, lethargy, depression, or rapidly diminishing athletic power.

Even then, consult with your doctor first to rule out any underlying conditions that might be causing these symptoms. If you’re under 30 and you experience these symptoms, it’s highly likely that low testosterone is not the problem!

T Booster Options

If you want to kick up your T levels, look for quality ingredients that do the job well. We’ve reviewed the top T boosters and made it easy for you to choose the one that’s right for you.

Testogen Testosterone Booster

To increase strength and vitality, promote muscle density, boost energy and burn fat, this is your go-to T booster. This product performs. It improves every low-T problem from low libido and energy, to depression and anxiety.

Testogen is made with quality natural ingredients, including its primary ingredients, fenugreek and red ginseng, as well as a host of vitamins, zinc, and other beneficial ingredients.

Fenugreek is high in minerals that support libido, testosterone production, and healthy organ functioning.


The #1 tried and tested supplement for boosting testosterone.

These include iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and manganese. Fenugreek has been shown to lower cholesterol, improve swollen lymph nodes and gout, and eliminate dandruff.

Red ginseng acts as an immune system booster. It is also known to improve moods, enhance endurance, and minimize or even eliminate erectile dysfunction.

The vitamins most essential to supporting natural T production are found in Testogen. These include Vitamin D, Vitamin K1, and Vitamin B.

Testogen also contains bioperine and boron. Boron sharpens mental activity and coordination. It also acts as a painkiller. Bioperine, an active ingredient in black pepper, may act as an antidepressant and can improve memory and boost metabolism.

Check out my full Testogen review for more details.


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Preferred by athletes for its energy- and muscle mass-boosting properties
  • Reduced amount of zinc than prior versions
  • Effective, well accepted, and trusted


  • Expensive
  • Only available at the Testogen website

Bottom Line

Testogen users report that it’s a highly effective T-boosting supplement with virtually no side effects; if you do develop nausea or headaches, it could be that this supplement has too much zinc for you; the only remedy is to find a supplement that doesn’t contain zinc.

Prime Male Men’s Testosterone Booster

Prime Male

A close second, Prime Male Reviews are also very strong.

The Prime Male formula contains a powerful energy-boosting formula including extracts of:

  • Saw palmetto: helps prevent hair loss and may improve prostate health; a side effect of this is reduced likelihood of urinary tract problems and a greater sex drive.
  • Nettle: packed full of vitamins and has been used for millennia to treat conditions like hair loss, asthma, and low energy.
  • Horny goat weed: aptly named, as it treats erectile dysfunction thanks to its active ingredient called icariin. It also boosts energy and acts as a neuro-protecting agent.
  • Sarsaparilla: helps support your body’s health, particularly in mitigating the effects of low T. This includes fatigue, infections, sore muscles, arthritis, more frequent colds, low libido, and indigestion. It’s also known for its anticancer properties.
  • Tongkatali: a natural antibacterial that supports your immune system and an anxiolytic that helps your body burn fat. It also helps decrease blood pressure and boost your sex drive.
  • Wild yam: has been used to treat infertility, rheumatoid arthritis, and brittle bones.


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Significant improvement in libido
  • Powerful energy booster
  • Aids in fat loss
  • Affordable
  • Widely known and trusted


  • Doesn’t contain vitamin D, which is important in supporting the body’s T production
  • Contains magnesium stearate which doesn’t significantly boost magnesium levels; rather it is used to make pills slipperier and therefore easier to swallow
  • Some of the herbal ingredients may cause allergic reactions in some people

Bottom Line

Prime Male Men’s Testosterone Booster will give you energy, boost your libido, and support your body’s production of T so that you feel more energetic, and more confident. To get vitamin D, go to the best source: the sun.

Check out my full Prime Male review for more details.

Invictus Alpha Boost

Alpha Boost has not yet received FDA approval; however, it is a long-standing favorite among men wanting to boost their T levels. Its formulation is similar to Prime Male, except that Alpha Boost contains boron and does not contain any vitamins. Many men who suffer from low T have also been found to suffer from vitamin deficiencies; and while adding vitamins to the mix is certainly convenient, you can get a balanced variety of essential vitamins through improving your diet. 

Alpha Boost

This is arguably a better way to get your vitamins, since it’s virtually impossible to overdose on vitamins found in food (unlike the risk of overdose from supplements).

The addition of boron to Alpha Boost is a welcome one. Boron is a natural antifungal, antiseptic, and antiviral agent. It enhances the absorption of magnesium (which regulates muscle and nerve function and is essential for bone growth), reduces inflammation, and supports your body in utilizing vitamin D.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains boron
  • Highly recommended by users
  • Significant effect on libido and energy


  • No vitamins
  • No FDA approval

Bottom Line

Given that the main difference between Primal Male and Alpha Boost is the addition of boron in the Alpha Boost formula as well as the absence of vitamins, Alpha Boost is more popular for those who wish to get their vitamins elsewhere, despite lack of FDA approval.

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Evlution Testosterone Booster


A fantastic combination of plant extracts and minerals at an extremely affordable price. Some of the key ingredients are:

  • A-Aspartic acid
  • Vitamins B6 and D
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Fenugreek
  • Diindolylmethane
  • Tribulus Extract
  • Melatonin

Tribulus: has been used for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction and low libido. It is antibacterial and antiviral, and helps boost the immune system.

Magnesium aspartate: a type of easily absorbed magnesium, which benefits athletes both during exercise and in recovery.

Diindolylmethane offers protection against several types of cancer.

D-aspartic acid is a great source of testosterone in its own right; it also supports the body’s natural production of testosterone.

Melatonin: aids in promoting healthy sleep. It is also a powerful antioxidant.


  • Natural, vegan ingredients
  • Very affordable
  • Contains magnesium and melatonin


  • May increase production of estrogen
  • High doses of vitamins

Bottom Line

Evlution helps eliminate the symptoms of low T as well as increase testosterone production – in one of the most affordable packages available.

Take a look at my full EVL Test review for more information.

Superior Labs TEST WORx

Test worx

Less known than other T boosters, TEXT WORx contains the following key ingredients that are not found in many other products:

  • Eurycoma longifolia: a plant that has proven to help erectile dysfunction as well as improving athletic performance.
  • L-arginine: supports the immune system, primarily by helping the kidneys remove toxins faster. It also works to maintain T levels. The kidney support is important since the kidneys need support if you take T boosters for extended periods.
  • Niacinamide: a type of vitamin B-3 that is used to treat acne and inflammation


  • Proven in clinical trials
  • Boosts libido, mood, and stamina


  • TEST WORx is expensive

Bottom Line

This pricey product works. The ingredients have been scientifically tested, and you can expect a boost in your T levels quickly.

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Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster

Iron Brothers

The previous T boosters reviewed here are generally similar in their approach. The Iron Brothers product brings something new to the game:

  • Maca root powder: a powerful antioxidant, libido booster, and energy booster
  • Ashwagandha root extract: reduces blood sugar levels, acts as a powerful anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory, fights depression and anxiety, and relieves insomnia. It also reduces cholesterol and increases the body’s natural testosterone production
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) lowers cholesterol, increases strength, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


  • Made with Tribulus, Maca, and Ashwagandha
  • Doesn’t cause upset stomach
  • Has received recognition from the FDA


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

The Iron Brothers formula contains ingredients that other T boosters don’t have. It works, very well. However, if you have low blood pressure, please consult a doctor before taking this supplement as it may lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Read more in my complete Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster review.

In Summary

Much of the bad reputation that testosterone boosters have received is due to misconceptions about what they really are. Yes, you may experience some side effects due to allergies or thinking that if a little is good, more must be better. To mitigate side effects, take T boosters only as directed, and discontinue use if you find that you develop unpleasant side effects such as increased aggression, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, acne, and (if taken long-term) kidney problems.

If taken as directed, you can expect to feel more energetic; you will have more sex drive and better performance both in bed and in the gym or field. Your thinking will be sharper, you’ll be in a better mood, and you’ll recover faster from workouts. Because of the many effects of T boosters, you will also increase lean muscle mass, and therefore burn more fat. The aim of T boosters is not to turn you into the Hulk or make you look like a bodybuilder. They won’t. But they will make you feel younger and more vital, and slow the effects of naturally declining age-related drops in testosterone production.