Best Forskolin Diet Pills

best forskolin supplement

Forskolin has become a massive hit lately in the diet pill circuit. TV doctors such as Dr. Oz have been calling it a “miracle flower to fight fat” and many are touting its benefits to melt away fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

But does it really work? Can it really be the miracle that many diet experts are making it out to be? And if yes, what are the best products to buy if you’re looking to add this to your list of supplements?

I do my best to answer all of the above in my review of forskolin below.

Does Forskolin Work for Dieting?

Ever since a certain TV doctor mentioned this supplement on his show, the industry for this kind of product just started booming. But let me back up for a second. No diet pill (like all the types I write about here) itself is going to be the magical cure for your extra weight. You need a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine to burn off those unwanted pounds. What a diet pill can do is give you that little extra push you need to help reach your goals.

That said, forskolin is definitely one such pill that can make that happen. Forskolin can help you burn fat at a faster rate, maintain your muscle mass in the meantime, give a rise to your testosterone levels, lift your mood, and even improve your bone health. All that in one plant extract!

The key player in how forskolin accomplishes all these health benefits is in how it increases the levels of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) in the body. This molecule is responsible for a number of processes in your body, most of which have to do with burning fat more efficiently.

Rather than creating fat stores, forskolin (through the promotion of cAMP) can help your body burn fat for energy. When you’re burning fat at a faster rate, and not carrying it around, then you’ll lose weight! Also, cAMP can raise your baseline metabolic rate, meaning you will be burning more calories through the day, regardless of whether you are participating in an activity or not. (But let’s be real, that doesn’t mean you should skip your workouts).

One particular study gave test subjects 250 milligrams of forskolin for a period of 12 weeks, and the results were astonishing: an average of 9 pounds lost, a rise of 17% in testosterone levels, and an increase in bone mineral density by 8%. Yeah, I think I could do with something like that in my life!

Best Forskolin Supplements

So now that you know the health benefits of taking this plant extract, what one should you buy? As mentioned above, this business started booming once it got some mainstream attention. As you can imagine, there a lot of options on the market. For my money, these are the top three out there right now. They come from trusted brands. They are priced at a great value. Most importantly, they are made from a pure formula for maximum efficacy. Click on each of the below to read my full review.

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