November 13, 2018

Build Massive Forearms With These Exercises

how to grow your forearms

If you want to build bigger arms, of course, you can blast your biceps and triceps to grow your upper arms. I talk about how to grow those biceps and triceps muscles in other posts on this site. But while having beefy upper arms is nice, you shouldn’t neglect your forearms. When it comes time to roll up your sleeves, you want some Popeye muscles to show off, don’t you?

While most don’t know how to work these muscles that well, I am here to provide a list of exercises that you can incorporate into your workouts to really blast these muscles and build some impressive forearms. Start doing these movements consistently for a month and you’ll see a huge difference!

Forearm Exercises for Size

Here are a number of different movements you can add to your weight training routine that will add some bulk and improve your grip strength.

Dumbbell Wrist Flexion

While this exercise may look easy, it gets tougher after more reps and increasing the weight. This is a solid exercise to really build up your grip strength, not to mention to add some size flare to your arms.

Dumbbell Wrist Extension

This is basically the same exercise as the previous but in the inverse direction. Rather than working the inside of your forearms (the part that would face your body if your arms were at your sides), this works the outer side. This exercise will add mass to your wrist extensor muscles.

Dumbbell Reverse Curl

This exercise will really stimulate two of the most crucial forearm muscles, the brachioradialis and the pronator teres, in addition to the brachialis. These are muscles that support elbow flexion, not to mention add some girth to your forearms.

Farmer Walks

If you want to engage your wrist and finger flexors (responsible for a stronger grip), you need to add the farmer walk into your workout. This movement also engages pretty much every other muscle in your body, making it great for overall muscle growth. Imagine it like carrying a lot of groceries at once and you’ll get the idea for this one!

Pull-Up Bar Hang

Not only does this bodyweight exercise help to grow your wrist and finger flexors, but it also helps with your shoulders and lats, the main muscles for all variations of pull-ups. If your gym has a pull-up bar (bonus points if it has a weight-assistance step to lighten the load), definitely add this one to your workout.

Size Isn’t Just About the Workouts

If you want to get bigger, you definitely need to be working out consistently. Follow the above exercises to blast your forearms. If you want to gain muscle overall, I recommend a program like Shortcut to Size from Jim Stoppani. Designed to build muscle, it’s one of the best workout programs out there.

Outside of that, you need to be feeding your muscles with the right nourishment. I recommend adding a testosterone booster such as TestoGen into your diet. If you want to really add size, consider checking out the legal steroids at Crazy Bulk and watch your size grow!

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