December 26, 2018

Best Diets for 2019

what is the best diet to follow in 2019?

Are you looking to get into better shape in 2019? It’s one of the biggest resolutions that is made year after year, but many people make it through the first few weeks and then give up. The gym that was once packed to the brim the first couple weeks of January becomes a barren wasteland as the month goes on.

This year, don’t let that be you! It does take a lot of discipline to get healthier, but it is not impossible! If you are looking to transform your body in the coming year, now is the time to be planning ahead so it isn’t as big of an adjustment when January comes around.

There are many diets that are getting a lot of buzz lately that could be the perfect solution to the “new you” in 2019. Continue reading below to find out what diets are hot in 2019!

Most Popular Diets of 2019

Not every diet is for everybody. They all have very different meal plans and some will be more appealing (and feasible for you than others). The key is to find the one that aligns most with your tastes, goals, and lifestyle. That way it is much easier to stick with it for the long-term to guarantee success. If you choose a diet that is just way too far from your tastes or habits, it will be tougher to commit to it and you’ll just go back to where you were in the beginning.

While the list of the best diets of 2019 isn’t limited to these choices below, these are the ones that are getting the most attention.

Keto Diet

If you follow the diet industry at all, surely you have heard of this one. This is a diet that puts your body into a state of ketosis, whereby you burn fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. As you can guess, the meals in this diet consist of minimizing the carbs that you eat and loading up on healthy fats. It is a tough transition, and quite an adjustment from your normal habits, but can produce amazing results if you commit yourself to it.

Paleo Diet

This diet is a throwback to the way our ancestral hunter-gatherers used to eat. You essentially are cutting out processed and packaged foods and consuming more “whole foods”. That means lots of plant foods like fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins. Everybody knows that processed foods aren’t good for you. This diet allows a lot more food variety than the one listed above and is a very popular option with all the tasty meals that you can diets for weight loss in 2019


The primary objective for this diet is to lower your blood pressure, but it is also an effective route to losing weight. It is widely considered as one of the healthiest food plans you can follow. If you want some more information on this one, you can find my detailed write-up here.

Mediterranean Diet

Many diets come and go and are just fads, but some of them have true staying power. The Mediterranean Diet is one that has stayed at the forefront of popularity for a simple reason – it works! It consists of eating meals that are comprised of foods that those in the Mediterranean area (Greece, Italy, etc.) eat. A big advantage for this one is all of the delicious foods that entails. To find out more, check out my full review on this page here.

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