Best CBD Oils

So many people have turned to CBD as a way to provide relief for a number of issues. Whether it be for physical aches and pains, mental issues, or emotional problems, there are so many reasons that a drug like this can be of great use in your life. I put together a comprehensive resource of all the ways that CBD is used in this post here.

There are also a number of different ways that you can take CBD. Whether it be through CBD oils, tinctures, sprays, capsules, softgels, edibles, pet products, etc., there are as many ways to use it as there are brands available. For a list of the different delivery methods, you can find more information in my write-up here.

With all the different reasons to use it and a variety of ways to take it, it is easy to get lost in this relatively new industry. How do you know what brands are better than others? I have tried out all of the top brands on the market and put together a list below of what I deem to be the best options if you are looking to use CBD oil products. Browse the list of top-rated CBD oils below and you’ll surely find the right brand for you.

CBD Reviews

Want the best of the best? Start from the top with my highest recommendations!

Thought Cloud CBD Oil

This is the first brand I tried, the first review in this niche that I posted on this site, and still my favorite by far. While they don’t have the biggest catalog compared to other brands, they have some of the best products I’ve tried anywhere.

You can check out my full Thought Cloud review for more details, or start shopping by visiting their site below. Use coupon code COMIC for a discount!

review of ThoughtCloud CBD oils

Every Day Optimal CBD

If you are looking for the strongest CBD products on the market, look no further than EveryDay Optimal.

With the strongest capsules on the market at 200mg, and by far the strongest tinctures at a mind-blowing 10,000 mg, you will not find products like these anywhere else.

You can get more information on this brand by checking out my full Every Day Optimal CBD review, or start shopping by clicking below. 

review of Every Day Optimal CBD

Even better, enter the coupon code hlcomic10 and get 10% off your order!


U.S.A.-grown in Kentucky, this has become a trusted brand of mine. They use an industry-leading CO2 extraction method that produces the purest quality CBD oil that you can get, all backed up with third-party lab testing that is available on their website.

review of Medterra CBD oils

They sell oils, pain creams, skin care products, capsules, isolates, and even their own branded vape pens if you prefer taking your cannabinoids that way.

You can get all the details in my in-depth Medterra CBD review, or click below to visit their website. Use coupon code HLCOMIC to get 15% off your order!

Hemp My Pet

This one could really be considered the best overall brand, but because it is pet-specific I have it a few spots down.

However, just because they are CBD products for pet health, they are of the highest quality - safe for human consumption!

review of Hemp My Pet CBD

They have all kinds of CBD oils including tinctures, biscuits and other treats that can help ease your pet's pain, anxiety, or other health issues and help them lead a more peaceful life. I highly recommend checking them out - this is by far the best CBD for pets!

You can read more about them in my full Hemp My Pet review or click below to visit their website.

Green Roads

This brand has by far the most comprehensive of catalog of any brand of CBD that I’ve come across. No matter how you like to deliver your cannabinoids, they have that method available.

I particularly enjoy their CBD oil that is mixed with melatonin when I need to get a good night of sleep. Two natural sleep agents, puts me right out! They have a wide range of oils, tinctures, edibles, pet products, and more.

review of Green Roads World cbd products

 You can get lost browsing through their site, which is a good thing! I like having options.

You can read my full Green Roads review to learn more about this top CBD brand, or start shopping by visiting their site below.


I really like this brand because outside of CBD oils, they also make CBD vape juice. I have been known to dabble in vaping from time to time, and it’s nice to switch out from using nicotine juice and instead using CBD.

They have a range of flavors that taste great. Their new line of Koi Naturals full spectrum CBD products are sure to bring you the benefits you seek, I definitely recommend giving this brand a closer look.

cbd from Koi

You can take a look at my Koi CBD review for more information, or start browsing their website below.

NuLeaf Naturals

Grown in Colorado and extracted using the top of the line CO2 method, you’ll get some of the purest and most potent CBD products at NuLeaf Naturals. No artificial fillers or flavor additives or anything to mask the scent, you get a nice earthy taste and smell from their all natural products – hence the brand name.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil review

Get more details on this brand in my NuLeaf Naturals review, or visit their website through the link below.


The hemp crops for Endoca are grown outside of Barcelona, Spain, which provides a perfect environment for year-round cultivation of this wondrous crop. I do prefer to get stuff that is American-made. However, I can’t argue with the quality of their product having tried it myself. They have a lot of varieties that you won’t see at other brands. Outside of the usuals like oils and topical products, they also sell crystal concentrates and even CBD chewing gum. There is a lot to like with this brand.

cbd oil products from Endoca

Get the full scoop in my Endoca CBD review, or click the link below to start browsing their site.

Joy Organics

I love the story behind this brand. It was started by a mother/grandmother who was suffering through pain and found relief in CBD products. She decided to start her own brand to spread the wellness to her customers. Though it has grown by leaps and bounds, it remains a family-owned and operated company. 

review of Joy Organics CBD products

I like supporting brands like that. Their products go through rigorous testing for potency and purity, information for which is available on their site. These products are made with care and it shows in their quality.

Get the full story behind this brand in my Joy Organics review, or click below to be taken straight to their site.


It says it all in the brand name. You’ll be getting nothing but the purest stuff when it comes to their CBD products.

Their oils are lab-tested and you can find their numbers in regards to purity and potency on their site. I like that transparency and assurance that I am getting high-quality products.

CBDpure review

There is a lot more to like about this brand, and I recommend reading my CBD Pure review for more information (and find out how to get a 10% coupon off your first order). You can start shopping their site through the link below.


What I like about this brand is that some of their products contain MCT oil. In their case, they use coconut oil.

While I am usually all about purity of the product, there is usefulness to this. It acts as a carrier fluid and makes the CBD absorb much more efficiently.

review of CBDistillery cbd oil products

To get more information on this formula, their soil condition, extraction process, and more, take a look at my CBDistillery review. You can go straight to their website by clicking the link below.