Benefits of Eating Watermelon


One of my favorite things to do is highlight the benefits of consuming different food. And let’s be honest, beverages as well. I’m not one to tell you I don’t drink beer or indulge by having a few too many glasses of tequila, but but of them have benefits if you consume them in moderation. (See the links below.)

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, throw moderation out the window. Eating properly means you are are definitely consuming these food groups, and one fruit that is absolutely delicious, yet packed with benefits, is the watermelon. Today I’ll talk about the health benefits of eating watermelon in hopes to alert you to some of the amazing things that can happen to your body if you decide to load up on this sweet nutrient.

Why is Watermelon Good for You?

#1: It Hydrates You

Watermelon is 92% water, which means that only 8% is other nutrients.

When you consume foods with a high water content (celery is another) you feel full.

Therefore, you eat less.

Watermelon Juice

Scroll down for my watermelon juice hangover cure recipe.

#2: It’s Low in Calories and Nutritious

With only 46 calories per cup, that’s one of the best ratios you’ll find in food. Additionally, there are many vitamins to be found in this fruit, including:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B1, B5, and B6
  • Magnesium
Healthy Watermelon

You’ll also get the added benefit of amino acids and beta carotenes, not to mention that it’s packed with antioxidants.

#3: May Prevent Cancer & Improves Heart Health

Lycopenes have anti-cancer effects.

It also lowers blood pressure (like garlic) and cholesterol.

heart health

#4: Potential Cure for Muscle Soreness

Citruline is an amino acid found in watermelons.

According to studies, it’s helped reduce soreness in muscles in athletes.

sore muscles

#5: Skin & Hair

Vitamins A and C are very powerful when it comes to having healthy skin and amazing, flowing hair. (Just ask any hockey player.) You’ll find that there is no shortage of skin care products for sale with vitamin C, which helps produce collagen, as an ingredient getting marketed heavily, and “vitamin c serums” are among the biggest movers day in, and day out, on

hockey hair

#6: Good for Digestion

With a lot of water and a little bit of fiber, there isn’t much more of a powerful fruit to consume when it comes to helping your digestion.


#7: Hangover Cure

Let’s say you went nuts on beer after reading about it’s health traits. Maybe you read my article about tequila and health and decided that one bottle just wasn’t enough.

However you got this hung over, don’t fret. I’ve used watermelon as an insane hangover cure, but you need to make sure you get it in juice form.


I found out about this hack in Medellin, Colombia. After drinking way too much Ron Medellin at a local disco, I was given a pitcher of watermelon juice first thing in the morning. I went from feeling like I got hit by a bus to ready to rumba in just a matter of a few short hours. Turns out the high water content hydrates you (duh) while providing the vitamins our bodies need anyways. This is actually better than water due to the additional benefits of the vitamins in watermelon. It also works as a cleanse by removing toxins from our bodies, which is basically what we want to do – get rid of all the lingering toxins. My favorite recipe is one cup of water, as much cut up watermelon as I can fit in a blender, and some mint. Turn that thing on, make it into juice form, and be ready to be rejuvenated.

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