November 29, 2018

Benefits of Bioperine

benefits of black pepper

When you evaluate the ingredients that are on the label of any of your supplements, almost all of them have a direct answer to what they do for your body. It could raise your metabolism. Or it could help you burn fat. It could improve blood flow. The list goes on and on.

However, for some ingredients, they can’t be tied to something like those traits listed above. They are added for a totally separate reason. Bioperine, which is prevalently found in black pepper, is one such ingredient. What does it do for you? Continue reading below to find out.

What Does Bioperine Do?

Beyond being one of the most used spices in the world (I’m guessing you have a pepper shaker with black pepper in your home right now), Bioperine (an extract of piperine) also has tremendous health benefits. The most important of all of them is how it interacts with the other ingredients in your supplements.

Nutrient Absorption

The main reason why Bioperine is added to the formula of many supplements is that of its bioenhancement abilities. What it does is increases how effectively your body absorbs nutrients. All of the other active ingredients in the supplement formula (like in this t-booster from Iron Brothers) can work much better and provide more utility in your body when Bioperine is included as an additive.

Most often, our bodies only absorb a fraction of the nutrients that we consume. When Bioperine is added to our diet, whether through regular food intake or by supplementation, your body is better able assimilate all these nutrients rather than send a majority of them through your body as waste.

Metabolism Boost

Another way that Bioperine benefits the body is by raising your metabolism through thermogenesis. This is a process whereby your internal body temperature is ramped up. With this, you burn more fat and thus lose weight. Because of this, it is a widely used ingredient in many of the leading brands of diet pills on the market. Even while the thermogenic effects are slight, it can make a world of difference when combined with proper diet and exercise.

Strengthens the Immune System

A study conducted in 2010 measured the effects of Bioperine as it relates to the immune system. It was found that black pepper can reduce the reaction time of lymphocytes. This reduces inflammation and inhibits some immune system responses. The next time you have a cold and have a bowl of chicken noodle soup for comfort, don’t forget to crack some black pepper on top – not just for taste, but for your health!

benefits of bioperine for health

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Bioperine can improve your memory as well as overall mental faculties. If you are feeling fatigued, sluggish, and unmotivated, a little bit of black pepper may give you the nudge you need (according to studies). This nutrient is also hypothesized to play a role in managing stress factors. It may also help you relax and think more clearly during times of frustration.

Where to Buy

The great thing about this nutrient is that it’s everywhere! Surely you have some black pepper at home. However, if you aren’t a fan of spicing up your food, it is also available as a standalone supplement so you can get a megadose of it. Many options are available on Amazon, which you can find below.


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