November 26, 2018

Bella Virtu Organics Nourishing Eye Serum Review

Nobody ever really enjoys getting older. For starters, it reminds us that we are moving closer toward our golden years. Second, when we look in the mirror we end up seeing a saggy, wrinkled, puffy face staring back at us and it’s hard to recognize this person because we still feel young at heart.You can continue to look like an old person in the mirror that you barely recognize. Or you can take matters into your own hands and take measures to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, swelling, and puffy skin along with other potential problems. I decided that no matter what my friends say to me (being the ultra jocks they all are), I’m going to proudly use age defying creams, serums, and gels until the day that my time is called! Call me vain, but I’m a guy that likes to look good!Do you intend to take action? If so, the powerful and effective benefits of Age Defying Nourishing Eye Serum from Bella Virtu Organics are just what the dermatologist ordered. This is my personal testament to the quality and my favorite part – ORGANIC – eye serum that treats many signs of aging.I used this for a full month before coming here to put pen to paper. I really wish I took before and after photos – but being me, I was so excited to open up the packaging and apply it to my face that I just started using it and enjoying the benefits.I’m not the only person who feels this way. Take Eric’s story, which I grabbed from (Read all the reviews here.)

Bella Virtu Eye Serum Review

Another Satisfied Customer Shares His Story

Bella Virtu Eye Serum

After going through life dissatisfied because of his puffy under eye bags, Eric finally decided to take matters into his own hands and do something about it. Based on reviews that he read on Amazon, he decided to give this eye serum a try. To say that the results were astounding is truly an understatement.You see, after Eric decided to use the serum for two weeks straight, the puffy bags under his eyes have begun to disappear. In fact, a single drop of the serum is plenty of solution to use for both of his eyes, so he feels the product really goes a long way.Better yet, it is made with only the best organic ingredients which are exactly what drew him to the product in the first place. Eric finds the oil texture quite pleasing and his skin really soaks up the serum under his eyes, which is the reason why he’s experiencing so many wonderful benefits.In only a matter of minutes after using the serum, his skin would soak up the solution and his under eye skin would feel soft, smooth, and it would smell delightful. He definitely notices a difference and he can tell that the sagging is beginning to diminish as well as the puffiness is starting to disappear.

Is This Product Truly Effective?

If you found Eric’s story even slightly enlightening, you’re probably wondering if the serum is going to be as effective for you as it was for him. The only way to truly find out if it works is to try it yourself. So we suggest you give it a try to discover the effectiveness on your own.The five essential oils in the serum include Helichrysum, Pumpkin Seed, Blue Chamomile, Castor, and Rosehip. Continue reading to discover the truth about these powerful essential oils and how they benefit skin care.

Helichrysum Oil

Interestingly enough, this essential oil has two very exciting nicknames. Besides being known as helichrysum oil, which is a mouthful, it’s also known as the immortal flower and the everlasting plant.The significance of these names is simple. This flower is such a potent ingredient in anti aging products because it can rejuvenate and restore the skin to its youthful beauty. It specifically works by targeting age spots and it diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, the ingredients can rejuvenate and revitalize skin cells to bring back their youth and beauty.This ingredient also feels really good on the skin. It provides a soothing sensation, which will make your skin feel alive, awake, and healthy.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil is finally beginning to develop a bit of a positive reputation in the skin care game. And rightfully so since it deserves its time in the spotlight because this effective ingredient is one of the secret weapons in many of the best skin care products on the market today.Why is that?Simply put, it’s completely loaded with the best vitamins and minerals for skin care. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, and zinc. These vitamins and minerals are great for the skin complexion because they improve skin tone, help the skin retain moisture, fight off free radical damage, improve skin under and around your eyes, and much more.

Blue Chamomile Oil

Blue chamomile oil is a wonderful ingredient to diminish the premature signs of aging and it’s great for sensitive skin. It works because it has the ability to penetrate deep skin layers and create the right conditions to heal unwanted blemishes including acne, rashes, irritation, bruises, redness, stings, and more.It contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties to reduce swelling and puffiness around and under the eyes. And it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

Castor Oil

Castor oil works well in skin care products because it’s loaded with the vitamin E, proteins, and omega-6 fatty acids. This is the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals that can eliminate or severely diminish the signs of wrinkles, fight back against acne, and even cure styes in your eyes as an added bonus.Besides that, it can increase collagen production, hydrate and revive the skin, and make wrinkled skin smooth because of its capacity to deeply penetrate those tough to treat areas.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip seed oil is an effective option for skin care because of its wonderful hydrating properties. This skin health essential ingredient contains linoleic and linolenic acid, which protects skin cell walls and keeps them strong. Plus, the skin is capable of retaining water better because of its powerful properties.Rosehip oil is also an exfoliant, so dull and dry skin will begin glowing and become more vibrant after regular use. And its collagen enhancing abilities help create new skin and keep it looking healthy, young, firm, and elastic for many years to come.Additional rosehip oil benefits include reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars, protection against sun damage, inflammation fighting abilities, and it’s a great moisturizer too.Totally off topic, if you like essential oils, you have to read about the Being Naturals Peppermint Oil. You may also want to read about this new crazy vitamin c jelly for the face.


If you intend to only use the best skin care products, you’ll experience the best benefits using Age Defying Nourishing Eye Serum by Bella Virtu Organics. The ingredients are USDA certified organic, which means this product only contains the best of the best. To achieve lasting anti aging results, we highly recommend giving this formula try.


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