Being Naturals Essential Peppermint Oil Review

essential peppermint oil from Being Naturals

I wrote in an earlier post about the benefits of peppermint oil, but how do you use this plant? Do you eat it? Mix it in a drink? An oil diffuser? Those are all good ways to get the many health benefits from this essential oil. Now that you how to use it – what product should you buy?

I’ve shopped around a bit and tried some different brands, and by far my favorite – taking quality and price into consideration – is this one from Being Naturals.

Therapeutic Peppermint Essential Oil Review

One of the reasons that I love this particular product so much is similar to why I love these lemon caps I review here: this product is 100% pure, so you know you’re getting nothing but the good stuff. Being Naturals isn’t just a brand name – it’s a credo they live by. When you buy this, you’re getting:

  • Pure and natural peppermint oil
  • No additives
  • Non-toxic
  • Unfiltered
  • Undiluted
  • No fillers

Uses for Peppermint Oil

I go into more depth on the many uses for this essential in the post that I linked to at the beginning of this review, but to recap, the benefits of peppermint oil are plenty. For me, primarily I use it as a pain reliever.

I try to get to the gym pretty regularly, and that can often lead to aches and pains. I’m not as young as I used to be, and my body lets me know it! Whenever I get sore muscles or achy joints, I rub a bit of this into the area and within 15 minutes I feel like brand new again.

essential peppermint oil from Being Naturals

On top of that, I have pretty much sworn off Advil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen and similar analgesics altogether thanks to this. Anytime I have a headache, a few dabs of this peppermint oil around my temples and forehead and the ache is gone within minutes. I would’ve loved to have known about this remedy so much longer ago – it has been an absolute lifesaver after a long night of drinking beer!

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In addition, it is great for stress relief. I cannot recommend enough getting an oil diffuser at home. I put a little bit of this in the diffuser along with some eucalyptus and the room fills up with a nice peppermint aroma and the stresses of the day just seem to fade away. It works great at nighttime to help me fall asleep as well, I can’t imagine going to bed without it.

Other Uses

Another benefit, though this one has nothing to do with your body, is that it is a great bug repellant. With the Florida climate, I’m blessed that I can sit out back just about any night of the year (minus rainy days) and do so regularly. Except with all the canals and other waterways here, there have always been bugs! I’ve begun bringing my diffuser outside with me and that’s no longer an issue.

All in all, this has so many therapeutic properties and the scent really freshens up the house. It’s a staple purchase for me, and this little bottle goes a long way.

You can pick it up Being Naturals Peppermint Oil here:

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