November 29, 2018

Ashwagandha Root Extract

testosterone benefits of Ashwagandha root

I love researching the ingredients that are in my supplements. I’ve always been curious like that. Plus, I’m pretty health-conscious, which led to me creating this site. I like to know what I put in my body.

Over the years of creating this site and trying out new supplements, I’ve come to know a lot of the ingredients intimately. But sometimes a new one comes across that I don’t see in other products. This leads me to hit the internet and find out what it’s all about. What does it do? Why is it in the formula?

Today, I’ll take a look at Ashwagandha Root Extract, an active ingredient in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster (reviewed here).

What Does Ashwagandha Root Extract Do?

This root is part of traditional Indian medicine and has been used for centuries to increase male virility and vitality. I guess that leaves no guesswork as to why it is used in testosterone boosting supplements.

As men age, their body’s natural production of testosterone begins to slow down. They’ll feel more fatigued, how a sadder mood, and overall just feel more sluggish. They’re not as young as they used to be, nor feel, and a low testosterone level is one of the main culprits of that.

Taking a t-booster that contains Ashwagandha is one way to remedy this dour mood and feeling of tiredness.

How Does It Increase Testosterone?

The first study of the link between this root extract and testosterone was conducted on male rats, and an increase was seen at the end of the experiment.

When a later study was conducted on men who suffered from fertility issues, there was a dramatic increase in sperm quality as well as a significant boost in testosterone levels.

how does ashwagandha increase testosterone?

It is not quite clear on how these two biometrics interact, but many hypothesize that it has to do with how this extract corresponds with the male testes. It brings an increase of blood flow to the area, many suspect.

However, these results do not come without caveats. It is said that this kind of supplementation will only be beneficial if the user is already deficient in testosterone. Likewise, it will only be helpful for fertility if the user is suffering from fertility issues. If a man is otherwise healthy and has normal levels for these issues, then going overboard with Ashwagandha will not provide any further benefit.

The evidence is quite limited as to its effect on testosterone levels – it is more conclusive that this root can help with sexual function than anything. However, one study did find that healthy men who took this supplement saw a 15% increase in their t-levels. Not a significant enough change to bring a big impact on their musculature, but an increase nonetheless.

Where to Buy

You can find this ingredient in Iron Brothers t-booster, which I linked to above. It is also available on its own as a standalone supplement. If you aren’t necessarily looking for muscle-building, strength and size gains (like most people take a t-booster for) and rather just want to get the fertility and virility benefits, you can find many options on Amazon below.


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