December 26, 2018

Alcohol and Coffee for a Longer Life

coffee and alcohol, in moderation, can lead to a longer life

When you think of alcohol and coffee, you think of vices. Everybody has their vices, and you can be sure that coffee and beer are two of mine! However, while there are definitely some drawbwaf thse if you overdo them, when taking them in moderation there are actually some amazing health benefits.

I was browsing the news today and I saw an article about coffee and alcohol can actually extend your life! That definitely piqued my interest since I’m such an avid drinker of both, so I figured I’d get the details and pass them along to my readers who could benefit from such information.

Live Longer With Coffee and Alcohol

I came across this article on and immediately had to see what it was all about. I have previously written about the health benefits of beer, and have written reviews of many of the best coffee diet pills as well, so I knew a little bit about the topic, but wanted to find out more.

The first thing that really popped out at me was the first sentence:

[…]people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee and are overweight in their 70s live longer lives. 

The key thing that jumped out was the caveat “and are overweight.” This is based on a study that has been ongoing since 2003 by researchers at UC Irvine where they examined people who lived beyond the age of 90. It was found that those who consume alcohol and coffee, in moderation, lived longer than individuals who did not drink either beverage.

​But on top of that, it was also found that people who were overweight in their 70s lived longer lives than those who were of normal weight or were underweight in their 70s. I feel like this is even more compelling news than the headline that talks about beer and coffee. It goes against everything that we espouse about health and wellness.

Alcohol and Coffee

The simple rule is to eat healthy and get exercise so you are in good shape, have a strong immune system, and have a longer life. But now they are saying that being overweight in your older age can lead to more longevity? I’d be curious to read more about this, and the original article has a link to the full study. Perhaps when I have a moment I will take a deeper dive and see if they go into further analysis on this aspect.

Perhaps carrying extra weight makes you a little more resilient? You have more food stores for your body to subside on? Maybe there is a little more cushion and less frailty if you, by chance, suffer from a fall at an old age. A relative of mine just took a tumble and broke her hip. She is in her 90s, and unfortunately that kind of injury can be a death sentence as it sidelines your mobility for quite a while, and your bones just don’t recover as quickly as they used to.

Sorry to get a bit off track here, but the topic of “coffee and alcohol” drew me in at first, but I feel like they buried the lede with the finding about being overweight. If any of my readers have some insight on this aspect, please comment below!

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