November 16, 2018

African Mango and Weight Loss

african mango extract and weight loss

Following up on a previous post about pantothenic acid, the next on the list of diet pill ingredients to take a look at is African Mango. I came across this one when I was looking at the label on my bottle of Shredz (reviewed here).

I have previously written about the health benefits of mangoes, so I had an idea of what this does for you. All the same, I wanted to take a specific look at the African Mango and what it does for your body, with an eye on how it can help with weight loss.

How Does African Mango Help You Lose Weight?

You may have heard about this ingredient before, as it has become all the rage ever since Dr. Oz featured it in a segment on his show.

Since then, it’s been all over the internet – you may have even gotten annoying pop-up ads for it. Everybody has jumped on the train and started hawking this in their diet pills, trying to capitalize on whatever is the hot ingredient of the time.

can african mango help you lose weight?

The form that it takes in diet pills is an extract from the seed of the West African Irvingia Gabonensis fruit, which is the fancy name for the African Mango. It has been touted for its ability to assist in weight loss, lowering fat levels, cholesterol levels, as well as leptin levels. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of this magical fruit.

Weight Loss

Studies have been conducted with participants taking 150 mg of this extract twice daily. The result was a significant improvement in body weight, fat percentage, and waist size. On top of all those measurables, there was also a marked improvement in heart health, cholesterol levels (particularly in LDL, the bad cholesterol), blood glucose levels, and leptin levels.

The most remarkable thing to come from this study is that all these advancements came with no change to the participants’ diet or exercise routines. On average, test subjects lost 8 to 10 pounds without any alteration to their lifestyles.

Side Effects

As this is a natural fruit extract, there isn’t really anything to worry about when consuming a diet pill with this ingredient. This fruit is quite popular in its area of origin and has been eaten daily by some tribes for centuries. However, some users have reported an increase in their libido (like taking a testosterone booster). So, while that is an unintended side effect… is it really a side effect? I mean, you can get a better body and have a higher sex drive? Sounds like a win-win to me!


According to many of the studies, almost all participants lost an initial weight of up to 10 pounds. However, the results tapered off after reaching that point. Short-term results are promising with this extract. The jury is still out whether the continuous use will yield long-term results.

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