8 Testosterone-Boosting Foods


The hormone testosterone is ultra important if you are a man trying to live longer, remain strong, and have a libido. Although it’s much more than just sex drive, you’ll see that it has a direct impact on the way your hair grows, how your sperm is produced, and the overall density of your muscles.

As we age, we lose testosterone. It’s a part of the aging game that we can’t “game,” but we can certainly do our best to boost these levels and recover from having a low t count. Today I’m going to talk about eight foods that will actually help you boost your levels of testosterone. Eating these on a daily basis can help you properly supplement your diet and make you a healthier guy.

Of course, if you aren’t one to cook or vary your nutritional intake, you can also take a daily pill. I recommend this one.

Eight of the Best Testosterone Boosting Foods

#1: Tuna

Packed with vitamin D, you’ll get the benefit of this being linked to living a longer life as well.

Ask any Doctor how important vitamin D is, and you’ll get a ringing endorsement.

Great for your heart, a huge source of protein, and low calorie, it’s no wonder bodybuilders are so into eating tuna.


#2: Low Fat Milk With Vitamin D

We all know that milk is loaded with calcium, which is great for your bones. Also a solid source of protein, you’ll get a ton of, you guessed it, vitamin D. No need to go over the benefits as I literally just did that, but if you are going the milk route make sure to read the label and ensure you select a low fat or skim milk that is fortified with vitamin D. You definitely don’t want the added saturated fat.


#3: Egg Yolks

Push aside the news that cholesterol is so bad for you, and lean on the good old vitamin D.

 Do I sound like I’m repeating myself yet?

The yolks are shown to have more nutrients than the whites, so don’t believe the great white hype, as they say.

Egg Yolks

#4: Fortified Cereals

There are brands of cereal, which you’ve probably been told is bad for you, that have vitamin D.

Give them a solid look if you are a fan of cereal.

I am!


#5: Oysters

My favorite food that always leaves me still hungry after eating dozens of them! One of the most important nutrients men can consume is zinc.

It affects the male hormones through puberty all the way until we are grown ups. Having additional zinc in your diet will benefit you in many ways, and oysters are FULL of zinc.


#6: Shellfish

As I have moved towards eating more of a Mediterranean diet, I’ve added more shellfish to my eating routine.

I just posted and amazing seafood tower on my Instagram page, and hey, I did it all for the zinc!

shrimp pic

#7: Beef

Oh yeah, you may know that this is my kryptonite. Make sure that if you are watching your weight that you know which cuts of beef are the most lean.

Whatever cut you choose, know that you can increase your testosterone levels quite a bit, while also adding, you guessed it, a bit more vitamin d and sometimes even some zinc.


#8: Beans

Full of plant-based proteins that will benefit your heart, you’ll also get the added bonus of vitamin D as well as zinc.

If you haven’t seen how important those two nutrients are by now, well, I just can’t help you. 🙂


If you are looking to up your testosterone levels, consider adding any of those foods to your diet. Like anything in life, do it in moderation.

And of course, I just couldn’t leave you without posting a pic of the massive shellfish tower I recently enjoyed! Follow me on Instagram for more healthy living tips with a twist of humor!


T.J. LaPanta is a Florida based aspiring comedian and health nut.
When he's not trying to hack his way through a post-graduate degree, he's slaving away in the kitchen, working out, or trying to score a date.

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