September 26, 2018

7 Benefits of Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen Benefits

One thing I’ve tried to do here at the Healthy Comic is always give sound advice when it comes to helping people be energized, sleep well, and become healthier individuals through nutrition and fitness. A bonus is having an increased libido, right? What if I told you that taking a a pine pollen supplement would have massive health benefits?

Today I’m going to outline the top seven benefits of pine pollen, which is perhaps the most natural solution when it comes to increasing testosterone levels.

How Pine Pollen Can Help Your Body

First off, this is a more natural approach in comparison to what I spoke about earlier in this product review. Literally, an apples and oranges difference. You’ll find that even though you may have never heard of this magical herbal supplement, it has the ability to really have an impact on your every day life. Below I’ve outlined the top seven benefits of taking pine pollen.


Containing Gibberlins, which is a derivative of the naturally made plant steroid, this natural supplement can target prostate problems. Depending on the situation, it can either enlarge or reduce the prostate.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

These same Gibberlins can help fight inflammation.

Cleanses the Liver

Brassinosteroid brassinolide is also in pine pollen, and this has been very effective at aiding the liver in eradicating xenobiotics, which are chemicals built up in our bodies.

Boosts Your Immune System

Acting like a food and improving the immune system is a role played in this natural herb. The immune system can NEVER be too strong!

Testosterone Levels

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole herb, the good old boost of testosterone! Full of androgens taht raise our hormone levels, it’s a great boost for anyone who may have low testosterone due to aging or whatever else the case may be. Middle age men are starting to glob onto the idea of taking these herbs to help raise t levels in a much more natural way.

Anti-viral Properties

If you are worried about herpes 1 and measles this may be enough reason for you to get on board with this supplement. Containing castasterone and bassinolide, you’ll have the bonus of having these natural occurring steroids assisting you to the tune of 15 times stronger when compared to the antiviral drug ribavirin.


Let’s boost that sperm count! If you have had issues with fertility, have a look at pine pollen. You’ll also get the added bonus of getting some help with ED (erectile dysfunction). An amino acid that increases the blood flow to the penis and sperm count called Arginine will do just that. Additionally, the ingredient helps fight hypertension (very high blood pressure) and anxiety.

To me, the benefits are obvious. I like that it’s a natural supplement as well. I’m currently looking for a solid product I can recommend, and will be sampling various branded pine pollen herbs in the short term with the hopes of coming back and being able to confidently recommend one.


T.J. LaPanta is a Florida based aspiring comedian and health nut.
When he's not trying to hack his way through a post-graduate degree, he's slaving away in the kitchen, working out, or trying to score a date.

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