17 Day Diet

does the 17 Day Diet work?

The 17 Day Diet is the brainchild of Dr. Mike Moreno, released in his best-selling book in 2011. The book is dedicated to helping individuals in their decision-making when it comes to their food consumption, assisting in speeding up fat loss with smart choices of food, as opposed to reducing calories.

What is the 17 Day Diet?

You can guess by the name that the duration of the diet is 17 days long, but in actuality, it is three separate diets (or cycles) that are followed consecutively for 17 days each. The three cycles are called Accelerate, Activate, and Achieve. There’s also a fourth cycle called Arrive, which comes after the completion of the other three phases.

The science behind these three phases is to keep your body from getting too accustomed to one kind of diet, providing it a shock so that your metabolism doesn’t plateau.

Accelerate Cycle

It is during this phase that most of the weight loss occurs. The dieter reduces their calories to around 1,200 per day, as well as reduces their sugar intake. The focus here is on improving your digestion. Users can expect to lose 10-15 pounds during this phase, though most of it is water weight (much like with the Cabbage Soup Diet).

Activate Cycle

During this phase, the dieter will go on an intermittent fasting schedule. With this, they alternate back and forth between limited calorie days and higher calorie days. The reasoning behind this is to reset your metabolism by keeping it guessing, not getting set on one consistent caloric intake, and stimulate fat loss. Users can expect to drop another 5 to 6 pounds during this period.

Achieve Cycle

It is during this phase where the focus is on developing better eating habits. The literature for this diet includes many meal plans and diet tips that you should adopt into your lifestyle, beyond the completion of this diet. Users may drop another 2 to 3 pounds during the 17 days of this phase.

Arrive Cycle

This phase, which is ongoing and long-term, is about making healthy choices and maintaining your goal weight. Following the advice in this book, you will make healthy food choices on weekdays, with more of your favorite foods allowed over the weekend.

Moreno’s book includes comprehensive lists of acceptable foods, including lean proteins, vegetables that help you lose weight, fruits that are low in sugar, and other natural carbohydrate recommendations. There are sample menus that give you many food options during all of the above cycles. Upon reading his book, you’ll also notice that he is a big fan of green tea at every meal, due to its antioxidant and fat burning properties.

There are also a lot of helpful tips that keep you on track when you’re on the road, dining out at restaurants, enjoying the holidays, or even during your menstrual cycle. No stone is left unturned and Moreno provides a complete plan to get your diet, and weight, on track.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love this diet. It offers a wide variety of foods to eat, doesn’t overly restrict your caloric intake, and best of all it gives advice on how to make smart choices that you can make part of your routine. Many fad diets work during the time you follow them, but then you balloon back up after completion. This diet provides lifelong information that can keep you at your ideal weight for as long as you stick to its principles.

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